Image of Freedom Bowler

Freedom Bowler


See our Facebook post announcing the release of this product for more pictures.

For the great American bowler in your life. Freedom Bowler is the first release of our Great American Holiday Bowler collectible line. Only 236 Freedom Bowlers will be made and they'll be released a few at a time, over the next decade, or so. In case it's not obvious, 236 is the number of years from our nation's founding from 2012.

As is true of all our collectibles, these are all hand made and hand painted in the US by Americans. Each resin replica of an original wood carving, stands on a base made from wood, with it's name and information engraved into the bottom. The collectible is wrapped in a cotton sheet and then wrapped in a themed blanket "envelope" with a nicely done label sewn onto the side of the blanket. It makes a beautiful presentation if you're giving it as a gift or for your own collection.

This product is already created and ready to ship. Order before the 23rd of June to receive before July 4th. Free shipping for all US orders.